“Sew with me for 1 year” quilt.

On request of my close friends, I designed a Quilt in a size of 2m x 2m, using our existing EZ-Log templates which makes it easy to draw the required blocks.

On 2019 April I released the first block as a newsletter for our subscribers, and as a post on our facebook page. Further block were published monthly then bi-monthly as the quilt grew too big.

I promised that the access to the instruction will be free and always available, so I created this blog, that I hope you will like.

The blocks are made with foundation paper piecing technique using Foltvilag’s EZ-Log templates.
This is not an easy project, pain and suffering is guaranteed 😉. You will sew around ten thousand fabric pieces together.

This is not a course, but I am trying to help if there is a question sent to foltvilag@gmail.com.
It is important that you know the foundation paper piecing technique.
My videos might help, if you don’t.

If you completed any stage of the quilt and would like to show it to the world, please take a nice photo in a well lit environment and send it to foltvilag@gmail.com with your name and country.
I would be more than happy to post it on our Facebook page and on this blog.
If you share your work on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc), please refer to this blog and add the following “tags” to your post. 
#foltvilag #foltvilagtemplates #ezlogfoltvilag #sewwithfoltvilag #mailingroadbom #patchwork.

All block is collected below. There is only one block left to finish the Quilt. It will come in March.
Don’t miss admiring the works created by our friends who joined to sew with me, by hitting the “Quilters’ works” link at each block. I’m expecting receiving a picture about your works too.

Participation in the sewing adventure is free.
I will be thankful if you support my work by purchasing the required EZ-Log templates.

I hope you will join and will enjoy making the quilt just as much as I did.
Good luck!

The “Sew with me for 1 year” project is strictly for personal use only.
Neither the whole nor parts of this project can be published or used for commercial purposes without written permission from Foltvilag KFT.
All rights are reserved by Margit Siposné Cseh from Foltvilag KFT, Hungary.