About Foltvilág KFT – Hungary

Margit Siposné Cseh. aka Mme Foltvilág / Hexagon Lady 🙂

Foltvilág KFT is a small family company located in Hungary. Our main profile is making patchwork and quilting related products. The company is led by Margit Siposné Cseh , artist, teacher and businesswoman.
Foltvilag is the leader in designing and creating plastic templates for English and Foundation paper piecing tasks. Foltvilág is the company behind the acclaimed EZpiecer and EZ-Log templates.
Foltvilág is often working together with Kristel Salgarollo, who initiated the development of the EZ-Log templates. Margit and Kristel have created two books under the umbrella of Editions de Saxe.
Margit is providing demonstration of the EZpiecer and EZ-Log templates during the fairs.
Apart from the plastic templates, Foltvilag is offering patchwork kits and patterns. Most of our unique products are designed and made by us.
Foltvilag participates on most of the major European patchwork and quilting shows since 2004.