Block 8. EZ-Log Nr47.

You have come to the final round of your quilt.
EZ Log Nr. 47 template set is used again in the 8th row.
I used up all the left-over-fabrics from the previous rounds.

First, make 4 pieces of the little blocks (20 cm x 20 cm) in the corner using EZ Log Nr. 47 / A, B, C templates.
Draw 32 pcs of EZ-Log Nr. 47A and 16 pcs of EZ-Log Nr. 47B on Vetex and sew them together as seen in the photos. The sizes of the necessary fabric stripes can also be seen in the photo.

Draw 16 pcs of EZ Log Nr. 47C directly on the fabric and sew them to the already sewn parts.
I did not put Vetex under it. Make 4 blocks with a whirling motif in the middle.

The next task is to make the sides. First draw 192 pcs of rhombus from the fabric with a flower motif. Of course, it is not a problem if you do not have such fabric. Draw 64 pcs of EZ Log Nr. 47A and 32 pcs of EZ Log Nr. 47B and 192 pcs of EZ Log Nr. 47D on Vetex.

Sew the middle EZ-Log Nr.47A patterns mirrored . The photos help a lot.
First make quarters of circles, then make semicircles.
The width of the necessary stripes can be seen in the photos.

To finish the quilt draw 32 pcs of EZ Log Nr. 47E only on the fabric.
Please pay much attention to accuracy.
You really have to cut and sew on the lines, not beside them.
That’s the only way to have nice straight edges of your quilt.

Compile the blocks. There are 4 semicircles on one side. Sew the corner motifs to the ends of 2 sides. Sew the stripes to the existing quilt.

Now the size of your quilt is 2m x 2m, as you knew in advance. This size is perfect to beds with width of 140cm to 160 cm.

'Sew with me for one year' quilt by Margit Siposné Cseh
Befejezés az EZ-Log 47 sablonnal

If your bed is 180 cm x 200 cm and you still have patience, then I suggest to finish the quilt with the EZ Log Nr. 15L template. It is our biggest flying geese template. One goose is 6 cm x 3 cm.
Increase your quilt around with a stripe of 3.5 cm.
(203 cm : 3=) 69 flying geese will be made to the sides, plus the square in the corners.
Sew the square motif for the corners in the usual way.
So your quilt will be 220 cm x 220 cm.
Because this size doesn’t fit to my bed and for other practical reasons, I stick to the original plan, but I would do like this.
It will look something like this. This quilt does not exist. I edited it with a computer program to give you and idea about the final look.

'Sew with me for one year' quilt by Margit Siposné Cseh
“Sew with me for one year” finished with template EZ-Log 15L

Quilting instructions:
There is a lot of sewing and material in quilts made with foundation paper piecing technique. It gives them very good stability and not much quilting is needed. I decided to quilt by hand.
On the pictures below, you can see my quilting path in green. However, of course, you can make your own quilt as you like.
After quilting, make the binding from the burgundy fabric. You will need 30 cm x 110 cm of the material and cut it into stripes of 3.5 cm. On the right side of the quilt there will be a 1 cm binding stripe and sew it by hand on the wrong (back) side.
When you are ready with it, you can be very proud of yourself!

without EZ-Log 15L
Finished with EZ-LOG 15L template.

A little summary:
You have used 7 different EZ-Log templates and an EZ-Log set of 5 pcs.
You have used between 10 and 15 meters of fabric depending on how economically you sewed.
Do you know how many pieces of fabric you have sewn together? 10492 pcs! (it is more if you finish with the flying geese)
You sewed it for a year!
Do you know the value of your quilt? It is priceless !!!

If you can finish your quilt until spring 2021, you will have the possibility to exhibit it for the first time. The patchwork group called Foltvarázslók (patch-magicians) will provide us an opportunity for exhibiting at their spring Quilt Festival in my hometown Tatabánya to see each other’s work.
If you would like to take this chance, please inform me.
I’m looking forward to it. Everybody must see it.

Congratulation for your achievement! I’m really proud of you if you made it so far.
Don’t forget to send nice pictures about your progress so I can post it on the blog and on Facebook.
Thank you very much for sewing with me patiently for a year !
Let’s sew together next time as well !

All templates and other items used to make the complete “Sew with me for 1 year ” quilt is collected at one place in our webshop www.foltvilag.com.

You can meet me personally and buy the templates at Foltvilag’s stand at the following events.

  • Stand B64, Brescia Creattiva (Italy) Brixia Forum,  2020.10.01.-04.

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  1. The quilt is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and teaching how to make it. I love it.
    Happy Easter. Be safe.

    1. Dear Rose.
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      Feel free to contact us if you need any help.
      Happy Easter.
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