Block 5. EZ-Log Nr06.

Thank You very much for still keep sewing with me.
One month passed. How do you progress with your work?
I am ready with the next row which is the middle part of the triple unit.
Let’s start.

I used EZ-Log Nr. 6 template to the frame.
But be careful because I drew it in two different ways.

I modified all 4 corner blocks so the triangles go only in one direction.

I extended the straight lines at the place of the triangles.

I drew 48 pieces of the block to the side parts.
Please be careful while sewing because the white triangle goes right in case of 24 pieces and goes left in case of the other 24!

I cut 2.25 cm stripes from the fabric to the straight sides and 2.5 cm stripe to the triangles.
Start sewing the block from the middle and go outwards row by row.

There will be 12 blocks on each side.
Plus the corner blocks.

The four corner-blocks.

Sew the 12 blocks together to get a stripe.
You will get 4 stripes.

Sew the corner-blocks to the end of 2 rows.

Increase the size of your quilt with the completed frame.
The current size of the quilt is 126cm x 126cm.
I wish you good luck and happy hours to make the quilt.

All templates and other items used to make the complete 2m x 2m “Sew with me for 1 year ” mystery quilt is collected at one place in our webshop www.foltvilag.com.

If you are ready with this stage, please send me a nice photo. I will place it on our Facebook page and on this blog.

You can meet me personally and buy the templates at Foltvilag’s stand at the following events.

  • Stand B64, Brescia Creattiva (Italy) Brixia Forum,  2020.10.01.-04.

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