Block 4. EZ-Log Nr04 / Nr46C.

I hope you were waiting for this part.
I guess, by now, you are the master of the flying geese.
I bet you dreamed with geese.
It will be deliberating to do something else, but you can’t get away with it so easily.
The geese will fly BACK.
So, lets have some fun.
The new frame is the first part of a triple unit.

Work with grades of two colours. I used green and pink/rose.
Cut 2,25cm wide fabrics for the big and 1,75cm wide for the narrow stripes.

To make the new frame use Foltvilag’s EZ-Log Nr04 and EZ-Log Nr46C templates.
Use EZ-Log Nr04 (9x9cm) template for the four sides.
You can see the order of the fields on the pictures for the EZ-Log Nr04. 
The order of the field is the same for the EZ-Log Nr46C.

Draw 40 blocks on Vetex with Ez-Log Nr04.

Sew 40 identical blocks.

For the corners use Foltvilag’s EZ-Log Nr46C (4,5×4,5cm) template.

Draw 16 blocks on Vetex with EZ-Log Nr46C.

Sew 16 identical blocks.

Along the four sides, rotate the big blocks to form a half circle.

At the four corners, rotate the small blocks to form a full circle.

Sew a band from the big blocks for each side of the quilt.
Sew the small blocks together at each corner (4).
The block made from the small block will be the same size as the big block.
Sew these blocks (forming a full circle) to the ends of the top and bottom band.
Sew the four bands to your existing quilt.

You are ready with the 4th block. Congratulation! 😅👍
(With these templates you can make clamshell/rooftile motives too)

The current size of the quilt is 108cm x 108cm plus seam allowance. I wish you many creative time and fun to continue your work.

All templates and other items used to make the complete 2m x 2m “Sew with me for 1 year ” mystery quilt is collected at one place in our webshop www.foltvilag.com.

If you are ready with this stage, please send me a nice photo. I will place it on our facebook page and on this blog.

You can meet me personally and buy the templates at Foltvilag’s stand at the following events.

  • Stand B64, Brescia Creattiva (Italy) Brixia Forum,  2020.10.01.-04.

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