Block 2. EZ-Log Nr24.

A month passed and here comes the new task.
On the picture you can see the new frame.

I used the EZ-Log Nr24 template. It’s size is 10cm x 10cm.
I drew the template 48 times on thin, not sticking vetex material (vetex nr17).
This task is easy to fulfill, because all the 48 blocks are the same, including the combination of the colors.
Please remember to check the right temperature of your iron, before ironing the block, because of the vetex. If the iron is too hot the vetex will melt or deform. Always iron from the fabric side.
Never iron the vetex directly.
You can lay the blocks next to each other several way, each variation brings interesting constellations, but I recommend to follow the configuration according to the photo.
These combinations might give you some inspiration for another project.
After extending your quilt with the new blocks, the dimension will be 80cm x 80cm. 
Have fun with the blocks.

All templates and other items used to make the complete 2m x 2m “Sew with me for 1 year ” mystery quilt is collected at one place in our webshop www.foltvilag.com.

If you are ready with this stage, please send me a nice photo. I will place it on our facebook page and on this blog.

Below you can see some photos about the work in progress. 

You can meet me personally and buy the templates at Foltvilag’s stand at the following events.

  • Stand B64, Brescia Creattiva (Italy) Brixia Forum,  2020.10.01.-04.

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2 thoughts on “Block 2. EZ-Log Nr24.

  1. Hallo people from foltvilag,
    I was in sainte Marie aux mines and purchase all the necessary template and paper piecing for the wunderful patchwork exposed at the back of your stand. Could you please help me to find the necessary explanations to start the beautiful patchwork. I need the following informations: the needed fabrics and the colors. A scheme for each template and also for the finished blanket, or indikate me where I can find them . I am very excited to start my work and hope of a response in a short time. I will try to come to Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe depending of my halte at the time. Thank you in advance for responding and greetings from Bavaria, Germany

    1. Hello,

      Sorry for the late reply. We do not monitor frequently the messages here. It is beter if you send us a message via our facebook/messenger page or via email.
      I hope we met during the fair in Nadelwelt and there we replied all your question.
      If not on this page you will find all information that we created for this quilt on this page.
      You can start here.
      If you have further question please feel free to contact us.

      Kind regards.
      Margit Siposné Cseh

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