Block 1. EZ-Log Nr47.

If you have the EZ-Log47 template set from Foltvilág, you are ready to go!
First, you need a thin non-adhesive “Vetex” material or similar as a foundation, on which you will make your drawings with the EZ-Log template, then to sew the pieces of fabric on it.

In the picture below, you can see the recommended sewing-order of the fields. Regarding templates EZ-Log 47 C and E this is not interesting, C is not used yet, but will be.

The number of times you need to draw a template for a block is written on each template. A block is a quarter circle (quadrant). You need four blocks for the whole circle. I use 6,35mm (1/4 Inch) seam allowance.

Choose colours that you like from your stock. I trust you will sew the blanket along with me. Please note that you will need a lot of material.
I make this blanket using shades of blue, green, brown and pink to burgundy colours. You will need 5-6 shades of these colours.
For the full blanket, APPROXIMATELY 30 cm x 110 cm per colour shade is necessary.
The white material is about 150 cm x 110 cm. Notice that this white or light material will be emphasized throughout the work.
To finish the blanket, put 40cm x 110cm of material aside (not the white) to close the edges.
So, all in all, apart from the back cover, you will need APPROXIMATELY 10meter x 110cm fabrics.

I suppose you know the technique of foundation paper piecing.
If not, check out these videos created by me.
The following pictures of my own work can also help you.

You can meet me personally and buy the templates at Foltvilag’s stand at the following events.

  • Stand B64, Brescia Creattiva (Italy) Brixia Forum,  2020.10.01.-04.

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